Here are some links from the book of Peace and Love to other websites we support and believe are heading in the right direction, towards a fairer and nicer world, a world filled with more Peace and Love!

Nyumbani childrens orphanage

This is the website for an HIV+ orphanage in Kenya that we support and that works to improve the lives of thousands in Kenya- We hope that your light illuminates the way for many others and that you continue to do such wonderful work! Peace and Love! Amani na Upendo! 

A beautiful website promoting peace and love through picture books, created by Mr. Jun Togo. Mr. Togo promotes Wa for the earth, a social/spiritual movement for healing and awareness in the world.Wa means harmony, peace, love and unity. "Jun Togo.

 my poetry pages

Here are a number of poems and songs that I Adam X. Hearn have written and that I add to on an infrequent basis- creative writing soothes the soul and helps me to feel Peace and love, but none of it is published or rated- if you are going to add comments then please be gentle with me! 

stone bard

This website houses work by the highly talented sculptor Tracy Powell an artist in every sense of the word. The link leads directly to a beautiful sculpture of a book of peace and love, but the entire website is well worth exploring and it is a true delight to the senses- I only hope that I get to see and enjoy the sculptures one day in person! Peace and Love.

 Swiss Healer and Drum-maker

  A shamanic website from a beautiful person, in both French and German! Swiss Shamanic practitioner, drum-maker and journalist, this lady is a skilled healer who also conducts her healing through guiding people in the creation of their own drums. This is a powerful experience and one that helps to bring peace and love into the world


 Only Love Prevails World Peace Experiment 

This is well worth going to and joining in with. Carol is getting together 80000 people who want to make a positive change for Peace and Love on the planet and is working with the evolution of human consciousness. Join in and be the difference you want to see. Carols vision is that "world peace begins with each individual achieving a state of peace within themselves. We can begin to do that for ourselves by becoming aware of the "negative" influences in our lives and choosing consciously to eliminate or shift those influences."

words of peace

 This website was recommended by StoneBard (see above) and has peace in 358 languages- well worth taking a look at!

Shaman Portal: The Global Resource for all things Shamanic

Amazing harpist from Strasbourg who sings beautifully- her website is

Amazing artist and shamanic practitioner, Imelda Almqvist has her own website well worth the visit and worth buying some!