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  • 12th May 2012 AVEBURY, WILTSHIRE, UK

A multi-faceted look at working with plants from a shamanic perspective. We will be working with the spirit of sacred plants in a non-invasive, ethical way. (Hallucinogenic plants will NOT be consumed). The plants seem to be asking one thing of us, that we listen to them, and reconnect with the wisdom they carry which predates humanity. They offer us a chance to heal, to be whole, to re-member our place on the planet and experience the ecstasy of their ways.
This course will also involve spending time outdoors so please bring appropriate clothing and footwear.

A market of donated books and mind/ body /spirit items will be available. Hot and cold drinks will be available through the day

£50.00. All money goes to Native Spirit Foundation. If you feel you cannot afford this, please contact one of us to see if we can offer you a concessionary rate. Due to the huge amount of interest in this course we are taking bookings with a £10.00 deposit. This is either payable in cash to one of us, by cheque, by bank transfer (get in touch for details) or by paypal:click on the following link:

Alternatively you can pay in full before the day.

Things you will need to bring along
Suitable clothing for outdoors- even in good weather the wind can be fierce, so please pack layers as well as waterproofs.
Food to share for lunch (NB if you are unused to this sort of workshop, we recommend vegetarian healthy home-cooked foods as these are in-keeping with the days work)
A blindfold, bandanna or scarf for covering your eyes
A drum or rattle if you have one (we will have spares so if you don't so don't worry)
A blanket
A yoga mat if you have one, Note pad and pen/pencil

How to book
You can book by email,,, or

For more details

Spirits and mankind, hand in hand, Nevada desert

  All welcome to drumming circles, no experience necessary, bringing of drums and rattles encouraged. Please bring an offering to the Spirits of place.

To ask for a healing it is important that the person who requires the healing asks in person, as ethically I do not do healing work for people who have not asked for it as they may not want it. All you need to do is get in touch and state that you need healing, I need your name and if you want to you can tell us what is wrong with you.
An item will be placed inside the healing circle to represent you and healing will be directed towards you.
If you are experienced in shamanic healing and want to contribute in your own way, you are more than welcome to join in the work from anywhere across the globe, simply focusing your intention in helping out. For more in depth assistance please contact me directly.


  For more details email me directly or register on the facebook page:

Shamanic Drumming Wiltshire

I abide to a code of ethics which I review on a yearly basis.